Our Story



Eight years past, we embarked on our quest, the inaugural dialogue with the first disciple of wine cellars. Since then, we've embarked on a shared vision, passionately igniting dreams within each customer's heart and nurturing them to fruition.

Homeowners dream of crafting timeless memories, and entrepreneurs aspire to fashion a realm of opulence for their customers. Whether it be in the sanctum of a dwelling, the charm of a bistro, or the resplendence of an inn, our mission is to traverse this path alongside our customers, guiding them towards the zenith of wine cellar design, employing the noblest of materials throughout.

A quintessential thread within our narrative is our profound reverence for the natural world. In the pursuit of crafting sumptuous artifacts, we've invested diligent effort to ensure our materials maintain a harmonious accord with our planet's finite resources. Our selection of wood is not only distinguished by its sustainability but also by its impeccable quality.


Our artisans, the true maestros of our craft, are the irreplaceable heartbeats of our enterprise. We harbored a vision of infusing our creations with narrative, meticulously handcrafted with the same ardor we share with our customers. Hence, we've curated an assembly of master craftspeople, many of whom have devoted over two decades to the artistry of wood, their unparalleled expertise resplendent in the intricate wine racks they painstakingly carve. These skilled partners are the very soul of our enterprise.

Through the seamless integration of each constituent, we've evolved into what is now Root Stock Wine Design—a company entirely devoted to the excellence of each project, where a passion for the minutest of details propels our unwavering commitment to every endeavor.

Should you seek enlightenment or desire to impart your thoughts, we remain at your service. Do not hesitate to reach out.

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