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Root Stock Wine Design

Self Contained – Slimline LS

Self Contained – Slimline LS

Cellar Size:
Approx. 300 cu. ft. (low fan speed) and 650 cu. ft. (medium fan speed) when cellar is fully insulated and sealed with a proper vapor barrier (each wine cellar is unique and has specific cooling requirements; heat load calculations should always be performed prior to selecting a cooling unit)
BTU/h w/60°F air entering condenser coil:

Low speed fan – 2601/1961 (total/sensible) Medium fan speed – 3032/2413 (total/sensible)

BTU/h w/75°F air entering condenser coil:
Low speed fan – 2635/1951 (total/sensible) Medium fan speed – 2904/2309 (total/sensible)
BTU/h w/85°F air entering condenser coil:
Low speed fan – 2396/1870 (total/sensible) Medium fan speed – 2612/2158 (total/sensible)
BTU/h w/95°F air entering condenser coil:
Low speed fan – 2205/1704 (total/sensible) Medium fan speed – 2392/2008 (total/sensible)
21.5”L x 22.16”W x 10.33”H
Voltage Rating:
115V (20-amp dedicated circuit required); 230V (subject to availability)
81 lbs. without packaging, 90 lbs. with packaging
4.3 (running amps)
Drain Line:
1/2” ID clear plastic tubing (not provided)
Through the wall (above a doorway)
Advanced digital controller, liquid-temperature-measuring bottle probe (retractable cable)
Temp. Delta:
Can maintain a 55°F cellar temperature with up to 85°F condenser air intake temperature
Outside Venting:
Not recommended
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