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Root Stock Wine Design

CellarPro 4200VSx 220V/50Hz Outdoor #1548

CellarPro 4200VSx 220V/50Hz Outdoor #1548

Brand: CellarPro

UPC: 077757015489

Size: 35 4/5w x 63 4/5d x 49 4/5h (cm)

Weight: 56 lbs

This wine cooling unit can be used in 187-254V environments at 50Hz. The power plug provided is Nema 6-15P 15A 250V Plug (Male). It has a screw cover plug housing with internal lug connections, and can be swapped easily to conform to local plug configurations.

Compressor Amps:
- Common dedicated 15-amp circuit is required to power the unit.
- Running: 6.5 Amps
- Startup: 14.8 Amps
- Total Watts: 578 (med fan speed)

Capacity: 3788 BTUH @ 50Hz / 13C

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